Beej mantras are sound seeds that connect us with their respective deities, helping bring courage, wealth, and happiness into our lives through regular chanting of these mantras.

Om is the ultimate beej mantra, representing the holy trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva and being used to invoke their energy for spiritual enlightenment and promote wellness. Chanting Om invoking its energy of Supreme Being to reach spiritual awakening.


Beer Mantras - Devi Mandir

Shreem is a beej mantra designed to bring prosperity in all aspects of your life. A bija, or seed mantra that manifests the energy of specific deities when spoken aloud. Additionally, Shreem may help still and focus the mind during meditation practice by being used as part of a third eye chakra meditation routine.

Chanting this mantra activates the Vayu tatva in your body and eliminates ailments related to it; additionally, it may assist you in attaining knowledge in any field.

This beej mantra is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth and abundance. Reciting this beej mantra on a regular basis will bring blessings of money, riches, beauty and plenty – plus promotions or raises at work! Additionally, this beej mantra serves as a powerful way of deepening santosha (one of Patanjali’s Niyamas known as contentment) more deeply within oneself.


Chanting the Dhoom Shiva mantra may help your business or career achieve success. This ancient spiritual chant, associated with Goddess Mahalaxmi, can bring wealth, prosperity, and plenty into your life while increasing inner potential and strength. Chanting this mantra is particularly advantageous when trying to build your name within society.

The mantra calls upon Lord Shiva, known for his generosity and wisdom as one of the three Trimurti gods–Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva–for protection and emotional healing. Chanting his mantra can elicit feelings of protection and healing that can even cure illnesses; practicing chanting it can even open your mind up spiritual transformation or emotional healing; for maximum effectiveness it should be performed on jap mala or offering water as this unlocks further benefits; practicing will help build self-confidence while developing mental control over emotions as well as establish connection with divine powers.


Kreem is an ancient beej mantra which symbolizes Kali, goddess of power and death (destructor of evil). This bija (“seed”) mantra corresponds to universal energies, making it an effective mantra that can be practiced alone or combined with other mantras for its powerful effect. Seek guidance from an experienced Guru before beginning practice of Kreem mantra.

Kreem can have extraordinary powers that can change your life dramatically in many ways. It can help you accomplish goals such as channelizing dharma or reaching moksha; boost energy levels; and remove negativity.

Kreem will protect against sudden death, fatal diseases and other threats, while also helping you gain knowledge and achieve success in all fields of life. Ha stands for Shiva; Ra stands for Prakriti; ee stands for Mahamaya or Bhuvaneshwari and Bindu is its dispeller of sorrows; its regular recital relieves fear and restlessness within oneself.


The Hroum Beej Mantra represents Lord Shiva. This powerful mantra protects against disease, early death and brings wealth and prosperity. Additionally, it’s said to unlock one’s full creative potential and should be repeated to offer protection and ease all sorrow. Chanting this mantra should serve as a source of protection and to remove sorrows.

Om is the universal sound that symbolizes the Hindu Trinity and symbolizes their union – Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva – making it one of the holiest sounds in all of Hinduism. Chanting it can help one achieve spiritual elevation, clarity of thought, and liberation from birth and death cycles.

This beej mantra of Goddess Kali can help bring power, strength, health, wealth and victory to you in business and profession, eliminating enemies & grave problems from life and all-around prosperity. Sha is Maha Lakshmi while Ra is wealth; Ee stands for satisfaction or contentment and Ga is Ganesha; Bindu stands for dispelling sorrows or pain.

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