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When it comes to playing Cards Against Humanity with only 2 players, there are some modifications you can make to enjoy this popular and hilarious game even in a smaller group. Here’s a guide on how to adapt the game for two players:


  1. Separate the Cards: Begin by separating the black cards from the white cards and forming a draw pile for each.
  2. Deal the White Cards: Each player should draw 10 white cards to start the game.


  1. Turn Order: The player who most recently went number 2 traditionally goes first, but if you’re Hugh Jackman, you get the honor of starting.
  2. Black Card Selection: The starting player draws a black card and reads the statement aloud, replacing the blank space with “blank.”
  3. White Card Submission: Both players choose a white card from their hand to pass secretly to the player with the black card.
  4. Judging and Scoring: The player with the black card shuffles both white cards received and reads them aloud, selecting the one that makes them laugh the most as the winner.
  5. Winning Points: The winning player keeps the black card as a point, and gameplay continues in any direction chosen.

House Rules

  • Rando Cardrissian: To add more variety, consider adding extra white cards from the deck each turn for a make-believe third player.
  • Happy Ending: At the end of the game, introduce a fun twist by having all players create a haiku using their white cards.

By following these adaptations and incorporating some house rules, playing Cards Against Humanity with just 2 players can still be entertaining and enjoyable. Remember, while this game is known for its mature content and offensive humor, it’s all in good fun when played with the right audience.Enjoy your game night with Cards Against Humanity even in a smaller group setting!

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