Kuruhina Shettys hail from Southern states of India and practice Hinduism; their members are well known for their professional weaving services.

Sakamma was born into a middle class family but circumstances forced her to marry at 16 as the third wife of Savkar Doddamane Chikkabasappa Setty of Coorg.


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Sakamma established this website with the intent of uniting all members of the Kuruhina shetty community under one umbrella. She worked tirelessly towards her goal, becoming an esteemed national figure as she worked towards making lives better for many individuals through her efforts and is considered an inspiration to many others.

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Kuruhina Shetty history – She was not only an accomplished businesswoman but was also an exceptional wife and mother, taking great care to nurture both her children and grandchildren while never losing sight of what truly mattered in life. Additionally, she was deeply committed to her community by regularly giving food donations or free tuition services at Veda Pathashala.

She was a woman of faith, believing in the teachings of Lord Krishna and giving generously to temples. Her devotion and commitment to both family and community remain an example for us all, her story will live on in many hearts for years.

The Kuruhina Shetty Community hails from Karnataka’s coastal regions. These people speak Kannada fluently and follow Hindu religion; their close-knit community values honesty and loyalty above all else, producing high-quality fabrics and garments from weaving techniques unique to this community. Furthermore, these people are well known within their community for being generous givers; those interested in marrying someone from this community should make sure that both parties share similar core beliefs such as respect, humility, loyalty, trustworthiness as well as worship of bhutas or Nagas; all traits essential when looking for potential partners within this community.


Kuruhina Shetty was an extremely hardworking and ambitious individual, using her knowledge of people, resources, and business to contribute to multiple social causes. Her true genius lay in understanding the need of the hour and taking timely decisions based on that. She dedicated much of her time and resources towards her community – opening a hostel for poor people in present-day Basavanagudi and creating a choultry nearby that provided food to travelers – as well as giving away her jewellery and valuables as donations – something for which she was recognized by Karnataka’s government as recognition of her dedication and hard work was recognized through government recognition of her philanthropy by which government recognition came her.

She was a firm believer in equality and therefore did not discriminate between males and females. She served as an inspiration to many women aspiring to become entrepreneurs. Furthermore, she tirelessly advocated for her illiterate community – something which was applauded by both government bodies and non-profit organizations across India.

KannadaMatrimony has enabled thousands of members from the Kuruhina Shetty community to find their ideal partners and share their success stories with us. Millions more members have also discovered someone special through this portal – their stories allowing us to truly make it an inclusive community!


Kuruhina Shetty community is an intimate family-based caste which was traditionally weaver. People from this caste share strong senses of belonging among themselves. Furthermore, this sanga has seen many dedicated individuals volunteering their services as presidents, secretaries and treasurers for its betterment voluntarily – many have found their perfect matches here at KannadaMatrimony!

Are Shettys considered OBC in India?

In south India, ‘Shetty’ is the name most often associated with trade communities of bunt community in South India and trading settatris who dealt in general items and provisions within shops in towns. The word is associated with this community due to their high degree of reliance on one another as traders for provision and general goods trading services within towns.

Sakamma first established the Kuruhina Shetty Kendra Sanga in 1928 to unify and improve life for members of her kuruhina shetty community, who were known as ‘kuruhina shettys. Her generous assistance included setting up a hostel at what is now New National High School Road Basavanagudi that bears her name – Sakamma Bhavan and its associated chicken yard are still known today by this name – Sakamma Garden remains today! Since then it has continued its success due to dedicated executive commitee members, youth groups and volunteers all helping keep its momentum.

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