Ideological Subversion means overthrowing something, like a government or law.

Yuri Bezmenov

What is ideological subversion, as explained by a KGB agent who later defected to the U.S

Yuri Bezmenov explained in his 1984 interview how the concept is set in motion in four stages that eventually lead to a Marxist takeover ( Ideological Subversion ).

It is said that more than 80% of the time, money, and resources were spent on the ideological subversion of the Soviet Union.

all these distractive aggressive activities aim to destroy Enemy countries. Now the interesting part is that in a lot of democratic countries, you do not have any law against these subversion activities It’s completely Legal.

Ideological Subversion
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The main point that Yuri Bezmenov said was that

“You can not infiltrate a nation that does not want to be infiltrated”

For subversion, you need certain access to the population of the country. Only then can the process of subversion begin. Early Japanese society was a very closed society where you could not enter, and a Japanese citizen was not allowed to leave the country. means You do not have the access to the population of the enemy country so you cannot subvert them.

Early Japan

Well, then the question is why Japan has closed itself off to the rest of the world. The reason is that they wanted to keep their cultural traditions and values intact. In the same way, you cannot subvert North Korea in this day and age because the borders are closed and the media is censored. Ideological subversion is only possible when there is an initiator and a goal.

Target of subversion and the inetiator

The theory of subversion can be traced all the way back to 2,500 years ago. The first person who formulated the tactics of subversion is the Chinese Philosopher Sun Tzu

He was an advisor to several Chinese imperial courts.

Sun Tzu

There are 4 Stages of Ideological Subversion

  1. Demoralization
  2. Destabilization
  3. Crisis
  4. Normalization

4 stages of ideological subversion

Stage 1. Demoralization

Demoralization takes usually 15 to 20 years to demoralize a society well you may ask why this much time the reason is that it takes 15 to 20 years to educate 1 generation of students or children. You attack every possible area where Public opinion is formulated it doesn’t matter how

Stage 1 demoralization

Applications of Subversion

  • Religion
  • Education
  • Social Life
  • Power Structure
  • Labour Relations
  • Law and Order

Religion – In the case of religion Destroy it ridicule it try to replace it with various sects and cults basically the accepted dogma of religion is slowly eroding and moving away from the supreme purpose of religion to keep people in contact with the supreme being that serves the purpose. Replace the accepted, respected religious organizations with fake organizations that distract the people from the real faith and distract it with something else.

Education – Distract them from learning which is constructive useful or efficient like mathematics, science Physics, etc instead of this teach them about gender equality, critical race theory, sexuality, etc. anything which takes them away from real knowledge.

Social Life – Replace traditional organizations with fake organizations that take away the responsibility and authority from the people and give it to the bureaucratically run organization. Then people are on the payroll of whom society? no bureaucracy than the main concern of the people become is to get a paycheck from the government so the result of the work in the social life becomes irrelevant you only concern about the money.

Power Structure – In normal structure, people elect the people on top and replace them with artificial bodies that nobody elected and the people at the top are just there you may not like them but yet they exist. One such group is the media who elected them? how come they have so much power almost monopolistic power on your mind they can rape your mind but who elected them how come they have a say to decide what is wrong and what is right about the one who is elected by you president or prime minister.

Labour Relations – Trade Unions were established 100 years ago their main objective was to protect the worker’s rights from those employers who were abusing them at that time the trade union movement did work but now when trade unions strike the normal worker lose and millions of people are suffered because of that strike because economy now is interdependent who benefits the leaders of trade union

Law and Order – Just observe one thing take your country’s old and new movies and compare the new movies the policeman will be dumb, angry, psychotic, and paranoid, and the criminal look nice, and have some swag smokes hash, take drugs but basically he is a nice human being creative and he is only unproductive because the society oppresses him. Whereas the police are rude and evil and abuse their power and distrust the people who are supposed to protect you.


Equality Is the biggest scam of modern society if you don’t believe then read any ancient text or book (Geeta, Quran, bible, etc.) and show me where the word equality has written in it.

The opposite is mentioned “God will judge you on your deeds” and we are building our modern society on Equality the society which is built on society is equal to making a building on the sand sooner or later it will collapse.

The Next Step is Destabilization.

Like the word suggest to destabilize the institutions and relations in your enemy country and you led them to do it yourself now the applications are narrower –

  • Economy
  • Law and Order + Military
  • Media
Stage 2

The process of Destabilization usually takes 2 to 5 years in this stage society cannot function normally even with small disagreements turns into dispute the society has become more antagonistic at large and fails to come to any meaningful solutions. You start to see antagonistic clashes happening between such organizations and common people. Sometimes with firearms, this is called the 2nd stage of Ideological Subversion (Destabilization) now the sleepers of the foreign agents become leaders of such organizations now the process of destabilization directly leads to the process of Crisis.

3. Stage is Crisis

In this stage, society is unable to function that is the word explanation of the crisis so, therefore, the population at large is looking for a savior, and the religious groups are expecting a messiah to come let’s have some strong man a strong government in charge people think some strong person can get them out from this mess a leader a savior is needed population is sick a tired already. Now 2 things can happen either a foreign nation comes in or a local group savior comes and says I will lead you. So now we have 2 alternative outcomes

  • Civil War
  • Foreign Invasion
Civil War
  1. An example of an artificial civil war that was deliberately planted was Lebanon Civil War
Lebanon Civil War
Lebanon Civil War

2. And an Example of invasion is the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan

Soviet-Afghan War
Soviet-Afghan War

Now the final stage of Ideological Subversion is Normalization

Now when the new people are in charge of the nation now they want to normalize the country usually by force now they start eliminating everyone who poses threat to their rule and they will do it by force meaning that every person who helped them to come to power is the one being eliminated first after getting to power that process is by large termed as Normalization. The new rulers need stability to exploit the nation to take advantage of the victory the best example is the aftermath of the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971 which is also called the Bangladesh liberation war

Indo-pakistan war of 1971
Indo-Pakistan war of 1971

now the question arises that how we can reverse the process of subversion it can be done at the first when the intellectuals were first approached the more you delay harder it becomes to reverse the process of subversion.

Historical context: history of ideological subversion in India, “how it has been used by various groups to gain power or influence.”

Indian Map Of 1893

So now let’s talk about India’s Ideological Subversion even though the theory of subversion was first disclosed to the public in 1970 but many empires have been using the techniques of subversion for centuries. So British Empire was no different under 200 years of rule by the Britishers totally subverted Indian society as that was only the way that they can rule India with a much smaller population they not only conquered the land but also the mind and soul of Indians.

British Rule of india

The only way Britishers can rule India is by using Indians to rule India as an Indian myself I can say that “we never lost to the outsiders we lost to people who we thought were our own” this is not the story that you have read in your history books this the True story of India the story of Indian Ideological Subversion.

The land which we call Our Home the land of “Sindhu Sarsavati” the place where we were born was suddenly decided that there will be a partition between “Hindustan and Pakistan” how did it happen why did it happen why did our leaders accept this?

Partetion of India

1000 years ago India was fighting the Islamic Invaders Islamic rule was established near Sindh the invaders like Sher Shah Suri used the common native people and made an army to attack Bharat that army was called Shikdar under the rule of Akhbar the army consisted of more than 40 lakh soldiers their job was to keep the fear of the sultanate in the minds of the common people it all starts the subversion of the mind that the only way to prevent people from large scale revolt.

Islamic invasion of India

In the late 1700s East India Company started conquering parts of India the main problem that the Britishers faced was to control the much larger population of India but this population was different it was scared and defeated because of the Islamic invasion. “The highest art of warfare is not to fight at all but to subvert anything of value in the country of your enemy” in Bharat because of large-scale poverty and destruction lot of problems started to appear in the society and religion and when Britishers saw these divisions they were so happy to exploit it with that the stage1. Demoralization starts in Bharat

Stage1. Demoralization of Bharat

The main target and the strongest link of Indian society was its religion “Hindu Dharam” so Britishers started attacking Hindus left right and center they started compiling the crimes from all parts of India and started mixing them with the Hindu religion result of that many books were written which nowadays are called atrocities literature some example are Sati, Devdasi and Bhraminical Patriarchy was the results of this project. Britishers started the false translation of Hindu Texts they used Indian Vedic text and knowledge as toys and started the false translations of the texts with the use of mass printing circulated everywhere.

potrait Ram Mohan Roy

They used “Ram Mohan Roy” to spread their lies to the Indian public with the concept of Neo Hinduism Britishers used many Indian elites like Raja Ram Mohan Roy. The main output of the Indias Ideological Subversion is the notorious Caste System which was falsely twisted in the Verna system. When the Britishers came to India out of 500 princely states 400 of them were of shudra kings. To subvert You just have to deepen the existing divide in society.

Image depicting the Caste System

Britishers turned the varna-Jati into the Caste System but the caste was the Spanish and Portuguese concept originally called casta.


they used Bhramins and Kshatriyas for the poor condition of India but in reality, it was the loot done by the East India Company. Deepening the religious divide they encouraged Muslims to do cow slaughter to start the fight against Hindus and Muslims. With the use of these practices and the quickly reducing resources, Indian society started crumbling.

Potrait of william bentinck

William Bentinck in 1835 passed the English Education Act and started the process to destroy Indian native “Guru Shishya” Education slowly the gurukuls in India started eroding because of lack of funds without proper education the population become ineffective with this they started the process of active demoralization.

Stage 2. Destabilization

The Elites who proved themselves to the Britishers were the ones who were chosen to rule over India. Now 2 different ideologies started to form

  • India
  • Bharat

Britishers started to realize that they cannot rule over India for long with the growing problem of the bureaucracy they started giving some power to these elites this was the time when the division of Indian class divide was solidified till the year 1927 the main engine of the British raj for the administration of India was an imperial legislative council where the Britishers brought some Indian elites also in the decision making.

logo of imperial legislative council

Allan Octavian Hume formed the congress on On 28 December 1885 the main idea was that by doing some small reforms here and there we can prevent any large-scale revolt like in 1857 because of this constant ideological subversion many inner voices also came from the ground up. Philosophers like Dayananda Saraswati gave the slogan of “Swaraj” which was inspired by the legendary Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s hindvi swarajya swaraj India for Indians. Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Sri Aurobindo, Bipin Chandra Pal many more great Indian philosophers started rising by reading their scholarly work which was in favor of Bharat many young generations of Indians started getting immune to the demoralization of the British Raj.

India during first world war Swaraj
INDIA DURING THE FIRST WORLD WAR (Q 110944) Indian boy scouts awaiting the arrival of Bal Gangadhar Tilak (the great advocate of Home Rule for India) in the Central Station compound in Madras, 1917. Copyright: © IWM. Original Source:

We cannot forget the contribution of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi before 1896 nobody knew who was Gandhi but he was made the leader of the congress and the leader of the Indian independence movement overnight its just like in modern times how Amritpal Singh was made the leader of the Khalistan movement overnight. In stage 2 of ideological Subversion, you activate your sleeper cells and are now ready to take the leadership role. Of all the people who fought for the Indian independence movement Gandhi was categorized as the least threatening. The main game was played somewhere else as one more person was also cultivated by the British name Mohammad Ali Jinnah Bitishers had something else in their mind regarding the Indian subcontinent. This is the time when the root of Pakistan has been set. The Root of Khalistan has been set. The root of Dravidian has been set. The turning point came when the Britishers made a mistake by punishing the soldiers of INA Subhas Chandra Bose.

An image Subhash Chandra Bose INA troops

Stage 3. Crisis

The Population at large is looking for a savior. The people of India were voting for Patel or Bose it does not matter because they always saw Nehru in the front leading the congress. Because he wanted to be the last Englishmen to rule India. Direct Action Day Jinnah started the massacre of Hindus and soon after the whole nation was under a Brutal Civil War. Britishers new geopolitical interest was set in motion in the Indian Subcontinent partition of India. Then the time came for The most Brutal Civil War in Human History “masses were cheering for their leaders but for whom the leaders were cheering”

Photo of the partetion of india

Stage 4. Normalization

After the independence the government wanted peace and stability to get the results of their victory. To get stability Nehru banned things left right and center here is the reference.

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