Welcome to my blog! As you can see from the image Below I’ve compiled a list of the top 19 potential war flashpoints in the world, ranked by probability. From the least likely number 19 to the most likely at number 1, this list provides a glimpse into the possible future of global conflict. Join me as we explore the geopolitical tensions and factors that could lead to a major war, and what it means for our world.

19. Us Intervention in Cuba or Venezuela.

  • As both countries are located in close proximity to the US in the Americas and can be used to threaten the US by being a launch pad for other great power like China and Russia
  • It’s highly improbable for that happening because these countries are under constant sanctions by the us
  • There is also a point that they have a history of undemocratic government which the USA does not like.

18. Nato-Russia Escalation in the baltic states.

  • This is a very scary conflict to imagine as it could easily turn out of control and start WW3 which could result in a nuclear holocaust.
  • This conflict is also improbable because the baltic nations do not directly threaten Russia because Russia has control over Kaliningrad which could cut off the baltic nations from the NATO

17. Islamist Overthrow in Pakistan.

  • Now this scenario is getting more probable because of the takeover of the Taliban in Afghanistan
  • This scenario is also very scary imagine a terrorist organization who have nuclear weapons because of the instability in Pakistan the Pakistani Taliban is getting stronger and stronger.

16. Russia-Chinese Border Conflict.

  • You may think that Russia and China are allies but it’s far from the truth they are just cooperating against the common enemy which is the United States of America
  • China has officially claimed the Russian Vladivostok area and Russia’s majority of the nukes are facing china not NATO

15. Disputed territories of India and China.

  • The rise of another Asian giant who threatens china’s hegemony could spark a conflict
  • With US protection in Taiwan china could try some misadventures with India in recent times china has tried to come inside India’s territory

14. Kuril Island dispute.

  • This again is highly improbable as Russia is busy with the Ukraine conflict but one should not forget that technically Russia and Japan have not signed any peace deal after WW2

13. Conflict between Isreal and its Arabic Neighbours.

  • Well we cannot conclude the WW3 list without mentioning Israel as it has become a constant flashpoint over several years
  • As Israel is coming close and started collaborating with its Islamic neighbors but still terrorist organizations like Hezbollah and Hamas are active there can be a major conflict in the Middle East

12. Taiwan Conflict with China.

  • An unfinished Chinese civil war this conflict goes long back to the rise of china it wants to revive its pride by reclaiming Taiwan and capturing the semiconductor industry of Taiwan
  • This is the major step for china to break free from the first island chain

11. Hong-Kong Crisis.

  • This again is part of the unification of China I believe china will first tackle the hong-kong issue before attacking Taiwan as it’s easier.

10. Senkaku Islands Conflict, Southern Chinese Sea Conflict.

  • The rise of china has completely shifted the power balance of Asia as china dreams of getting free from US influence by breaking the first island chain
  • This conflict can definitely result in WW3

9. North Korea Crisis.

  • With the growing capability of the North-Korea nuclear program and the complete failure of US sanctions
  • This is for certain North Korea will definitely be the destabilizing force in East-Asia

8. Kashmir Conflict.

  • This is one of the oldest conflicts between India And Pakistan and with the instability raging in Pakistan India could try to take its land back from the Pakistanis

7. Yemen Civil War.

  • This is the greatest Human rights Situation as millions of people have lost their lives
  • With continuous raging civil war could expand with Saudi and UAE could escalate the war

6. Qatar Crisis

  • As Qatar’s relations with other arab nations remain cold this could spark yet another conflict in the middle east

5. Iran – US | Isreal rivalry

  • As Iran has clearly stated that it wants to destroy Israel which could certainly start WW3

4. Iran – Saudi Rivalry.

  • As the Shia – Sunni divide is raging in the Islamic world could be the flashpoint for the bigger conflict.

3. Syria Civil war.

  • With the endless civil war, Syria once again could be the center of world conflict

2. Caucasian Rivalries.

  • Russia is trapped in Ukraine by using this to its advantage caucasian people can once again fight for their freedom.

1. Russia – Ukraine War.

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