The Mahabharata is a classic Indian epic with an essential position on the Hindu mythology and culture map. It tells the Bharata dynasty’s epic story, including epic battles, complicated characters, and a complex moral dilemma. Although the epic has many notable personalities, determining who is the true hero of Mahabharata is an intriguing debate that has captivated scholars, philosophers, and fans for long periods. In this piece, we delve into the many perspectives to find Who is the Real Hero of Mahabharata.

The Epic of Mahabharata: An Overview

The Mahabharata, composed by the Sage Vyasa, is a sprawling story filled with philosophical musings, complex plots, intricate characters, and profound lessons. The action centers around the struggle between two groups of the Bharata Dynasty, namely The Pandavas and the Kauravas. The epic battle serves as an underlying backdrop to which different characters display their heroics and courage, each unique.

The Key Characters of Mahabharata

Arjuna: The Skilled Warrior

Arjuna Third Pandava brothers have become famous for their outstanding archery abilities and a constant focus on their morality. Arjuna is a master of the battlefield and shows tremendous bravery throughout the epic.

Krishna: The Divine Guide

Krishna, The eighth Lord Vishnu, plays a crucial role in the epic story of Mahabharata. As Krishna is the charioteer and a counselor to Arjuna, Krishna imparts valuable knowledge and advice, incorporating the lessons in the Bhagavad Gita.

Bhishma: The Resolute Grandfather

Bhishma, a formidable warrior and a pivotal character in the epic battle, displays an unwavering commitment to his pledges. Even though he’s part of his Kaurava team, Bhishma’s integrity and conviction make him an enthralling character.

Karna: The Tragic Hero

Karna, the eldest among the Pandavas, is burdened with suffering and constant struggle. Although he is on the opposite side, his steadfast loyalty, determination, and unwavering devotion to his beliefs create a complex and fascinating character.

Draupadi: The Woman of Strength

Draupadi, The spouse of the Pandavas, represents the power of courage and determination. The unyielding determination of her intelligence and unwavering faith make her a pivotal character within the myth, particularly when confronted with numerous difficulties and injustices.

Yudhishthira: The Righteous Leader

Yudhishthira, the eldest Pandava, is renowned for his unwavering devotion to truth and righteousness. Despite many obstacles, he remains resolute in his moral beliefs and acts as an emblem of integrity and morality.

Bhisma: The Fierce Warrior

Bhisma, the granduncle to both Pandavas and the Kauravas, is an incredibly skilled fighter and strategist. His extraordinary skills, constant dedication, and sense of duty make him an adored and respected character throughout the epic.

Duryodhana: The Flawed Prince

Duryodhana, the eldest of the Kauravas, is a complicated character whose shortcomings and actions make up the intricate story of Mahabharata. Despite his flaws, his determination, strength, and unwavering commitment to his cause make him a fascinating character to study.

Evaluating the Heroism in Mahabharata

Finding the true hero of Mahabharata isn’t an easy task. The epic offers a variety of dimensions of heroism, which go beyond physical strength. Let’s look at some of the key elements which contribute to the evaluation of the heroic qualities in the epic Mahabharata:

Physical Prowess Physical Prowess. Moral Values

While physical strength and combat skills are crucial to the heroic, Mahabharata places equal importance on moral values, righteousness, and adherence to the dharma (duty). Heros of Mahabharata are not just skilled warriors but people who adhere to the principles of moral life.

Sacrifices and Devotion

The heroism of Mahabharata is also evident in sacrifices and an unwavering commitment. Many characters are willing to abandon their desires and gifts to serve the betterment of the world. Their selflessness and devotion to their cause raise their status as heroes.

Wisdom and Guidance

The characters of Mahabharata have wisdom and the ability to give direction to others. They display a deep understanding, moral guidance, and strategic thought. Their ability to share knowledge and assist others during times of need makes them true heroes.

Redemption and Growth

Another critical aspect of the heroism of Mahabharata is the possibility of self-improvement and redemption. People who have been through moral dilemmas, committed errors, or faced internal conflicts can learn from their mistakes and grow as individuals.

The Real Hero of Mahabharata: A Multifaceted Perspective


The determination of the true hero of Mahabharata requires a thorough understanding of each character’s intricacies and the various qualities they display. While Arjuna, known for his extraordinary capabilities and goodness, is frequently regarded as an essential hero, it is necessary to recognize that the heroism of Mahabharata is not limited to a single person.

The hero, the real protagonist of Mahabharata, can be viewed as an entity that is the fusion of different characters, each with their strengths and qualities for the epic. The true hero is born from the synergy of Arjuna’s courage and courage, Krishna’s leadership and devotion to Bhishma, Karna’s heroic act of courage, and the heroism of Karna.

Draupadi’s strength, the strength of Draupadi, Yudhish’s strength, Bhisma’s courage, and the shaky but determined Duryodhana. Each character plays a crucial part in the creation of the epic, providing different aspects of the virtues of heroism.

The true hero of Mahabharata is the embodiment of virtues in a group rooted in the cooperation and unity of the various characters; through their interactions, conflicts, and progress, the epic provides important lessons and insight into the human condition, morality, and the consequences one’s actions have on others.

The Hero of Mahabharata is a blend of interwoven characters, each contributing distinct characteristics to the story. Their heroic efforts collectively teach us to be steadfast in defending morality by making sacrifices, seeking wisdom, and overcoming challenges.


The question of who the true hero in Mahabharata is is a complicated and subjective issue. The epic has many characters, each with strengths, weaknesses, and contributions to the tale. Arjuna, Krishna, Bhishma, Karna, Draupadi, Yudhishthira, Bhisma, and Duryodhana all have significant roles, and their heroic efforts determine the plot and impart important lessons.

Instead of focusing on one person to be the hero, it is essential to consider the many perspectives and complex web of interactions and actions that create Mahabharata as an epic tale. The real heroics are not in the victory of a single person but rather in the collective triumph of virtues like sacrifice, righteousness, and development.


1. Was Arjuna the real hero of Mahabharata? Arjuna’s exceptional skills, unwavering righteousness, and pivotal role make him a prominent hero in Mahabharata. However, the true heroism in the epic extends beyond a single character.

2. Can Krishna be considered the true hero of Mahabharata? Krishna’s divine guidance, profound teachings, and instrumental role make him a significant hero in Mahabharata. His wisdom and guidance contribute to the overall heroism portrayed in the epic.

3. What about the role of Bhishma in Mahabharata? Bhishma’s unwavering loyalty, fierce warrior skills, and adherence to duty make him a revered character in Mahabharata. His contribution adds depth to the heroism depicted in the epic.

4. Did Draupadi display heroic qualities? Draupadi exemplifies strength, resilience, and determination throughout the epic. Her unwavering faith and ability to navigate challenging situations contribute to the overall heroism in Mahabharata.

5. Why is it challenging to determine the real hero of Mahabharata? The true hero of Mahabharata cannot be attributed to a single character due to the epic’s complex and multifaceted nature. The diverse qualities and contributions of various characters collectively shape the heroism depicted in the epic.

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